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I took lessons from Keith for four years while in high school, and would have continued had I not moved out-of-state to attend college. It has been many years since, and through two academic majors at two universities and now my graduate studies at seminary, I can easily say that Keith is the best teacher I have ever had. The reasons for this are manifold, but I will mention a few primary examples of why Keith deserves such praise.

Renowned social, media, and education critic Neil Postman remarked that one of two secrets of great teachers is that you don’t put knowledge into people, you draw it out. Keith, like no other teacher I have witnessed, is expert in drawing out students’ abilities, talents, knowledge, self-esteem, and motivation (among many other attributes and characteristics). He easily and instantly moves beyond mere information-giving, delving deeper into the qualities and aspects of people that make good music good music. Further, Keith relates to people in a very humble, compassionate, understanding way, and that allows him to assist others in identifying and developing their own strengths in creative ways, not just in music but in life at large. In my years as a student of Keith’s, I learned much more than simply how to hit a drum, though I did learn that very well.

Indeed, Keith’s percussion instruction led me to be accepted to one of the nation’s top percussion studios, at Northern Illinois University. There, I studied with past Percussive Arts Society president Rich Holly, world-renowned steel pannist Liam Teague, award-winning composer and instructor Robert Chappell, Greg Beyer, and many others. Keith was also directly influential in guiding me to march with the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corp, an experience that is wholly indescribable and easily the most significant and meaningful of my life. Yet, despite my exposure to so many incredible instructors in everything from classical percussion to steel-pan big-band to marching music, Keith remains the best.

I want to reiterate that Keith does not limit himself to teaching music notes on a piece of paper; instead, he teaches music as a rich, life-extending art that transcends noise and speaks to all walks of life in an inspiring, motivating, uplifting way. If anyone claims not to benefit from Keith’s instruction, it is only because they are fearful of their own potential should they allow themselves to discover it.

D.W. Illinois


"My daughter has been playing piano for nearly 7 years and percussion for the last 5 so needless to say she has had more than one instructor during this time. I have to say that since she has started with Keith she has a renewed joy for her music and a new dedication to be the very best she can be. Keith not only teaches his students but he gets involved (meaning if it is important to the student it is important to him) and gives them much needed encouragement, this is not something that is often found with music instructors. To say I am pleased with my decision to hire Keith would be an understatement. Thanks Keith "You are truly the best!"

J.S. Smyrna, TN


"Keith Dudek is ANY musician's best friend. An undeniable, solid groove for ALL styles of music, and a man of TREMENDOUS integrity. I've shared stages with Keith since the mid 90's, he truly is the finest and most versatile musician I have ever played next to."

Don Mott
Professional Touring/Session Bassist
Mark Wills, Kevin Sharp, Jolie Edwards

"I have had the rare opportunity to be a lesson student, drumline member, and colleague of Keith’s. In lessons, Keith is able to "fine-tune" a lesson plan for each student to help them reach their individual goals in fun and unique ways. Being a member of a Keith Dudek percussion section is a special "once in a lifetime" experience. Keith is able to bring the best out of everyone in the section, bringing us all to a higher level of excellence that we could have not done without him. As an instructor, I try to mirror what I learned from Keith working alongside of him. Keith installs a strong system of discipline and technique to every group he works with. When I need a percussion book written for marching band or indoor drumline, Keith is the first and only person that I think of. Keith's unique percussion arrangements are very musical and help support and bring out what the winds play. His pit arrangements balance and add to what the battery and winds are doing on the field. Keith's arrangements for indoor drumline are very solid musically, and will never have you questioning what you are listening to. Whether you are considering a private lesson instructor, marching percussion instructor and/or arranger, I highly recommend Keith!"

J.S.C.    Omaha, NE.


"It's hard to find musicians with your personality, work ethic, professional attitude, and "GOD GIVEN" ability "TO ROCK" that will still make time in his schedule to sub with an "unknown artist" like me! So Keith... with that being said, I sure am glad you were there!
I just wanted extend my thanks for the hard work and time you dedicated to my show, and hope we play together again sooner than later!"

Glen Templeton
Recording Artist on Black River Entertainment Records

"Being under Keith's direction has been an amazing experience and opportunity. Taking lessons with him is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Making me a better snare drummer and drumset player. Besides the music, it has been a very inspirational journey throughout my 4 years of high school. Keith is an excellent teacher who knows about everything he teaches and helps his students understand advanced concepts in a very effective way."

D.K.    Mount Juliet, TN.

"I first met Keith several years ago when he volunteered to help us with our Middle TN Day of Percussion (Percussion Fest). Since then, he has continued to be a valuable asset to that annual event. The students enjoy his classes (which have covered all aspects of percussion) and walk out of there with practical information they can put to use in their band programs. Keith has had success in our county with private lesson students making honor bands, and that shows me that what he is teaching is helping the students, and in turn, their band programs. I'm glad to have Keith in our area bringing his knowledge of percussion to our students in Middle TN."


John R. Hearnes ♫

Associate Band Director

Blackman Middle School & Oakland Middle School

Creator of The Mallet Player's TOOLBOX on Row-Loff publications


"When my son began playing percussion in 6th grade, I decided to seek a private instructor so he could perform at his best. The band director provided me with two recommendations for private instructors, one of which was Keith. Keith’s varied experience background (concert percussion, marching percussion, and professional drumset performer) drew me towards him. This has proven to be one of the best choices I have made for my son. Keith’s passion for music and for excellence shows. Not only did my son perform in midstate and all county bands the first year he auditioned, but he is the highest ranking percussionist at his school. Keith challenges and inspires my son to be the best he can be. He truly cares about his students and wants them all to excel, in music and in life. There is a wonderful rapport between the two of them – a mutual respect, if you will. I can’t wait to see (hear) how much more my son will learn from Keith. Thank you Keith for being such a remarkable teacher and excellent mentor for my son (and special thanks for getting him to hug his mom more)."

P.S. Murfreesboro, TN


“We are excited to have Keith on our team at World Outreach Church. He is one of our top drummers. I never worry if Keith is going to get it or not. He is a professional and is always a blessing to work with. He has bailed me out more than once and I appreciate his willingness to step in at the last minute. It’s an honor to call him my friend and brother in Christ, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Von Keller
Worship Director
World Outreach Church
Murfreesboro, TN

"We met Keith at The Blackman Middle School's 2011 Percussion Fest where he did a wonderful job with the students who attended. When it came time for our son to audition for the drumline at high school we couldn't think of anyone more qualified than Keith to help get him to the next level. In just a few short weeks worth of lessons we noticed a huge improvement! Keith has been dependable, motivational, and inspiring to our son! He can't wait to get home and practice after leaving a lesson with Keith! We highly
recommend Keith to anyone who want's to become a better percussionist!"

S.B. and T.B.  Murfreesboro, TN 


"I've had the pleasure of working with Keith on several occasions. His groove and pocket are second to none! As a player it's always great to share the stage with a drummer who lays it down as well as Dude with a "K" can! I've also had the pleasure of traveling with Keith and he's as much a great hang and easy going guy in the confines of a bus, which can be the real challenge of a road gig anyway! I'm always anxiously awaiting the next time Keith and I can work together."

Doug Carter
(Lee Greenwood, Pam Tillis, Tammy Cochran, Jessica Andrews, Doug Stone, Susan Ashton, Michael English, Ty Herndon)

"My older daughter has been instructed by Keith at Wilson Central for 3 years, and my younger daughter is just beginning to take private lessons from him. Many people in this area are excellent musicians, but what sets Keith Dudek apart is his ability to teach and his innate talent at reading others. Keith is patient, kind, encouraging, and excels at bringing out the best in his students, all hallmarks of a superior teacher. His ability to assess each students' personality and their needs is another quality that makes him even more valuable as an instructor. Most of all, both of my girls would say "Keith makes lessons fun", and as a parent, I want my girls to feel the joy in music. What a blessing it is when you have a teacher with
exceptional technical skills and an outstanding positive attitude, too!"

A.B.    Nashville, TN.

"I just have to say that Keith Dudek is a fine, enthusiastic teacher and very professional! We have had Keith at our Percussion Festival several times teaching a variety of ages and addressing several different topics. He is able to connect well with the students and they are always fired up about his presentation. His clinics are very hands on, engaging and fun.

Keith is very well rounded in his experience and that translates well through his approach to teaching. His demeanor and personality are very humble and professional. Keith is a great person AND a great musician. It's a win-win situation when he's on board!"

David England
Associate Band Director Blackman Middle School
Percussion Instructor and Arranger Father Ryan High School

“Our son really enjoys going to his drum lessons. Keith is very friendly, easy to work with and a great instructor. We feel our son is learning a lot, and these lessons will help him with the school band.”

M.K     Smyrna, TN

“Keith has the passion, feel & technical know-how to get the job done. I’ve worked with Keith on stage & in the studio and he always delivers. He treats everyone with respect and knows how to play for the song. I always look forward to our next gig together!”

Travis Henson
Guitarist (Solo Artist/Bret Michaels/Kevin Sharp)

“Scott met Keith at Percussion Fest 2009 (at Blackman M.S.) and was totally impressed. He asked that night if he could take lessons from him. Keith is very professional and teaches Scott not only percussion but also confidence in himself. Since beginning lessons last August Scott has improved tremendously. Keith has worked with Scott on his performance pieces and on sight reading. Thanks Keith”

M.S.    Smyrna, TN

"Keith Dudek is a great talent and true professional in every sense. I was in need of a drummer and turned to my trusted friend CJ Wilder who recommended Keith to me. From the first downbeat I knew he was worthy of any call I may have for a drummer, not only that I got a friend for life who is super easy to travel with and without fail ALWAYS shows up prepared for his gig!"

"If you need a drummer to show up with NO rehearsal and do the job .. Keith Dudek is your guy!"

Dave Fowler
Professional Touring Bassist
Editor in Chief for Bass Frontiers Magazine


“My daughter has improved tremendously as a percussionist since beginning lessons with Keith. He sees her potential, challenges her to grow and motivates her toward excellence. In a world where positive role models for children are hard to find, we are grateful for his influence and attention.”

N.B.    Murfreesboro, TN

"Keith Dudek amazed me!!!! Our drummer for Pam Tillis hurt his Achilles Tendon and we needed a drummer with less than 2 days notice! Keith Dudek learned Pam's entire show in 2 days and came in and did a GREAT JOB! Now that's a Talent. He's also a REALLY NICE GUY. Those two things make him a great choice for any gig!
Thank you Keith!"

Todd Woolsey
(Guitarist and Bandleader for Pam Tillis)

“Aubrey met Keith at our church and was enamored with the performance of a “Rockstar!” Keith continued to play at church services further making an impression on my son. After watching for several weeks Aubrey approached Keith and asked for instruction. I have seen Aubrey grow as an individual as well as his passion for music. Keith teaches discipline and self confidence, while being sensitive to individual needs. The positive influence portrayed is sorely missing in todays society. Keith has been blessed with God's grace and shares that grace with his instruction of music. Thank you for all you do and may God continue to bless you.”

B.W.    Springfield, TN

"From my heart.....
It's hard to sum up my buddy Keith Dudek, besides being one of the best drummers I've worked with, he is just one cool human being.
It is hard to find any musician that has more passion and more fun on and off the stage. Keith is a true showman and entertainer, and it is hard to keep your eye off the drummer when he is on stage. Keith is also one of the most musically educated drummers I have met over the years, I was often in awe of him writing drum line arrangements for several schools at a time. I feel truly blessed to have worked with and traveled with Keith for so many years, I am a better musician and person because I have known him. Keith is an absolute professional who takes music seriously with no emphasis on where the party is, I always respected that about him, always sober, always reliable. I am often asked what I miss most about my career.... without hesitation, it is my boys in the band. Keith made an everlasting impression on me and everyone in the group with his extraordinary talent and love of life."

Jolie Edwards
Dreamworks Records and Warner Brothers Records

"When I first joined band in middle school, it was just another class. But when I joined Wilson Central Drumline, it was more than a class, for me it was an experience, a life change. Keith's lessons, words of wisdom, unique charisma, and motivational support pushed us to be part of something better than ourselves. Because of his dedication and sheer passion for our program, he was there every step of the way, making sure we were always the best we could be, never allowing us to "lower the bar", always pushing us ahead. He never gave up and neither did we. This year alone we have been awarded "Best Percussion" more times than any of the last five seasons. As the "Pit Captain" I have truly admired his teaching techniques."

S.C.S.    Mount Juliet, TN.

"I always enjoy the hangs and gigs together. Keith Dudek's playing is very reliable and he is a great guy to be around. Two out of two necessary requirements that keep us all pros in this business!"

Billy Nobel
Professional Touring Keyboardist
(Jack Ingram/Tim McGraw)

“Keith Dudek is electric as an instructor. My son raved about how well Keith "got him" from their first lesson. He also talks about how interesting, helpful and FUN his lessons are. Keith seems to really be into my son's total musical experience.”

E.E.    Murfreesboro, TN

"Keith Dudek is a very accomplished drummer with an incredible ability to perform in many different musical genre.  I’ve heard him play pop, rock, jazz, swing and country music.  His creativity distinguishes him from other drummers.  As a musician, the thing I appreciate most about Keith is his professionalism.  He is incredibly focused and works just as hard at a middle school concert as he would at a high-paying professional gig.  He is an excellent teacher and has a great rapport with his students.  It would be difficult to find a more capable drummer than Keith.  I hope to have him work with my students again!"

Mary Jackson
Rockvale Middle School
Choir Director/General Music teacher


"My son has found a teacher who encourages him to not only learn, but excell.  John studied with another instructor until 2 months ago.  He has learned more and improved 10 fold in just two short months.  He is a positive influence and a mentor.  He understands and is able to communicate with John on his level.  I only wish I would have found Mr. Dudek at the beginning of the school year."

R.C. Murfreesboro, TN

"Keith is an amazing drummer! More importantly, he is an amazing musician. Keith's musical sense is fabulous, and he has an incredible ability to adjust to live performance conditions in such a way that an improvised performance sounds like it's been rehearsed over and over again. He balances his sound sensitively against other performers, and humbly defers to the overall sound quality of the performance."

Lewis Walling
Interim Minister of Music
Grace Baptist Church, Springfield TN

"As parents, we spend maybe five minutes with Keith each week after Mason’s lesson is finished to catch up on his progress or “what’s up” in general. Keith has a keen sense of time. In five minutes of conversation he delivers quality, compassion, talent and a bit of humbleness. We are truly honored to have Keith in our son’s life 30 minutes a week. We know he is going to receive a great percussion lesson every time. The talent Keith presents is incredible. Most important, Mason also takes away values from Keith in addition to tasks for the next week. He cares about his students. It’s very evident, he is totally there for the kids and their progression with percussion and life. We never have to remind our son to practice for his lesson each week, he just does it. He has much respect for Keith and his many talents. Each week he tells us how much he looks forward to his lesson with Keith and thanks us for allowing him to do so."

"We feel as though we’ve known Keith a lot longer than four months. We always leave his driveway with a smile throwing compliments his way. Keith, thanks so much for the time you spend with Mason and being such an inspiration to everyone you meet!"

C.S.   Murfreesboro, TN


“Keith Dudek has been a tremendous asset to the band program at Wilson Central.  His vast experience with teaching drumlines, private lessons, and professional performance gives him a well-rounded perspective to teaching percussion.  Our students respond well to his teaching approach and appreciate his “keeping it real” mentality.  Keith not only helps our students improve their playing ability, but he also pushes them to push themselves and hold each other accountable.  In short, he works to make them not only better percussionists but better people.”

Stacy H. Jernigan
Band Director, Wilson Central High School
Lebanon, TN

"We have only known Mr. Dudek for a short while but are so pleased with the quality of instruction and enthusiasm he has given our fourteen year old son during his lessons.  Keith has somehow worked his special magic in encouraging Bryce to practice as we have never once had to ask him to do so.  We have been so excited to see Bryce take his lessons SERIOUSLY but at the same time, he is having fun and loving every minute.  We are looking forward to watching Bryce throughout his high school band experience knowing he will have the confidence to compete in any arena he chooses.  Big THANK YOU to Keith and if anyone is looking for percussion instruction for their teenagers, he’s the ONE!" 

T.R.    Murfreesboro, TN.


"I have taught in Alabama, Florida and Tennessee in the 10 years that I have been teaching. During this time, I have not met a more professional and capable musician/clinician than Keith. He has a great attitude, as well as a great rapport with young people. His clinic even challenged me, as a director, to practice more. I will not hesitate to bring him back."

Steven Porter
Music Director
Cannon County Schools
Woodbury, TN

“Keith is an awesome drum instructor and has a unique way of getting my daughter's attention. He not only teaches drumming technique, he also teaches it as an art. My daughter enjoys going to lessons and always leaves feeling she has learned something. He has a positive attitude and is always giving words of encouragement to his students. I highly recommend him as an instructor.”

R.J.    Murfreesboro, TN

"Keith is a worship pastor's dream drummer. His playing is tasteful and adds immensely to the worship experience. We are blessed to get to work with Keith here at First Baptist."

Zach Kirby
Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church, Shelbyville TN

"When Keith first came to my school, I was amazed at how talented he was. I'd never seen anything like it. As soon as I saw him play for us, I knew I HAD to take lessons. Keith is an amazing teacher and a phenomenal percussionist. I never knew I could get so much from one lesson! After the first month, I knew I had improved so much. He is very polite, and knows how to talk to people. He can improve your sight reading, your technique, you name it. I'm just amazed at how quickly you notice improvement. Drum lessons with Keith is definitely one of the things I look forward to in the week."

M.S.   Murfreesboro, TN

  "I had the honor of touring with Keith for several months. No doubt his pocket is deep but his heart is also! He is truly a person that can not only raise the bar of your bands musical production, but he will also raise moral and focus as a unit. He is dedicated to his art completely, and in a touring situation he is a breath of fresh air! This guy is top shelf and is a master of the trade!"

Kevin Hare
Jo-el Sonnier, Doug Kershaw, Sammy Kershaw,
Jimmy C. Newman, Eddie Raven, Bobby Kimball

"My son, Caleb, has been studying percussion with Keith for two years. Since then, I've seen a significant improvement in his drumming skills and his enjoyment of the instruments. Keith is energetic and motivating, and his lessons are fun and engaging. He is also very supportive of his students' outside activities, and will often attend school performances. Keith is a great choice for percussion instructor for all age and skill levels."

M.C.      Murfreesboro, TN

“The role Keith Dudek plays in our band program is absolutely vital. Without his talent, knowledge, and presence the Wilson Central Band (and specifically the WCHS percussion section) would not have grown and succeeded as it has. Keith is an all-around percussionist who not only brings discipline and motivation to our drumline, but he also provides our concert percussionists with finesse and technique. Keith pushes the students at Wilson Central to strive for their very best in all aspects of music and in life.”

Martin McFarlane
Band Director,Wilson Central High School
Lebanon, TN

"Keith has worked with my son Asher for a few years now. Asher is encouraged and challenged each lesson to move forward with his musical goals and dreams. Through the years I have seen Asher gain more and more momentum and strength as his skills have become more refined. It is exciting to hear an instructor asking a student what their goals are-- then challenging him to reach those goals. Asher is currently participating in the Siegel High School Drumline. Keith has a true love for people, music and life. Asher has enjoyed every lesson with Keith and looks forward to that time weekly!"

A. P.    Murfreesboro, TN.


"It’s difficult to put words on a page and do justice to the musician and person Keith Dudek is, but I’ll try.  Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to play with several musicians, but few have come close to showing the musicianship, professionalism, passion, and gratitude that Keith has.  He truly enjoys what he does, and that, along with his talent, has made him my first call for several years.  He cares about the music as well as those around him and is always willing to go the extra mile when called upon.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Keith to anyone for any job."

Angie Broberg
Singer Songwriter
Magic Mustang Music
Nashville, TN

"Keith was recommended to us by my son's music teacher at Blackman Middle School.  From the first lesson we realized why he was recommended so highly.  Keith is positive, patient and a talented teacher.  He keeps our son focused and on track.  David is always looking forward to his lessons and leaves even more excited about percussion. We would absolutely recommended Keith as percussion instructor for anyone."

M. H. and T. H.   Murfreesboro, TN
  "Keith Dudek is one of the most talented teachers I've had the pleasure of being around. He has a personal style of interacting with students that serves as a motivator to spark a fire in them to achieve goals that they may not have thought possible. Keith has the vision to be able to start new things within a program, and to also improve upon existing traditions. His percussion writing is top-quality work, with custom parts that fit students' abilities, yet push them to the next level. Individuals within drumlines and percussion ensembles Mr. Dudek worked with under my direction won several awards, including "Best Drums", at several competitions. He is also able to produce "All-State" caliber musicians through his well-rounded approach. As a professional musician and teacher, Keith is able to bring a variety of experiences to the lesson studio which enable students to improve at their own pace. Many fine musicians, teachers, writers, and players have come from his studio, and I welcome the opportunity to provide a testimonial on his behalf. He will make a positive impact in your program and/or with your child."

Andy Walters
Lewis Central High School
Director of Bands
Council Bluffs, IA.

"Keith Dudek has been a very positive influence on my son and his love for percussion.  He is a dedicated professional that makes learning fun and cool.  He has a way of educating while building confidence and motivation.  Keith really seems to care about the students that he teaches even beyond their lessons.  More than once, he has sent an encouraging text just before a big event or shown up to support my son at a musical performance.  Keith is a performer as well as an instructor which helps him stay current and relevant.  I can’t say enough about how happy we have been with his lessons."

H.M.     Smyrna, TN


"Keith Dudek is a gifted and creative drumset artist and percussionist. He is my all-time favorite drummer who performed with my band at a variety of jazz venues including the Genuine Jazz Festival in Breckenridge, Colorado. I highly recommend Keith as the drummer in any band because of his talent and versatility."

Steve Raybine
Smooth Jazz Vibes Artist
Bad Kat Records
Omaha, NE


"I first met Keith when playing for hire with the rock singer/artist D. Ryan. I had seen him play before, and I knew he had a great sound and presence on stage. So I knew right away - even before the first rehearsal - that he was going to be awesome. And I was right! Our first gig together was in front of a few thousand people in Las Vegas, NV. Keith was always prepared and ready to go during rehearsal, and was solid as a rock on stage. We've done acoustic shows where he was perfectly in the pocket, and big loud rock and roll shows where he unleashed a monstrous sound from behind his drum set. I've also worked with him during tracking sessions where he was very versatile, and able to adapt easily to any changes made right on the spot.

It was a real pleasure to play with Keith, and he was also always really cool to hang out with afterward. I can't wait for the chance to work with him again. The next time we play together I know we won't miss a beat!"

Kevin Edlin
Recording Engineer, Guitar Player


"This summer we unfortunately had to find a new drumline instructor the weekend before camp started. Keith Dudek was recommended to me, and he pulled us out of the fire. I say unfortunately, but it was actually a blessing in disguise. Keith came in and taught our drumline (which consists of 6 beginners for all practical purposes). He not only taught them their music, but more importantly sold them on the importance of musicianship.

I am very impressed with Keith’s professionalism and his rapport with the students. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services at any time."

Scott Corley
Band Director, Watertown HS
Watertown, TN



"Keith and I had the pleasure of meeting abroad while performing in Sweden. He was drumming for Pam Tillis at the time. He immediately showed passion in wanting to work with me, and after our first show together I quickly felt the same way. He is one of the most schooled drummer/percussionists (technically and rhythmically) that I have ever come in contact with. Not only is he a real pleasure to work with, but he ALWAYS comes prepared and I never have to worry. I hope to perform together for a long time to come…"

David St Romain
Recording Artist on Aria Records Nashville
3rd Place Finalist on USA Network's 2007 "Nashville Star"